and he talked and talked
and ate
a bunch of things to eat
and he couldn’t wait to
show me
the achievements
and the courrage
his brains and brawn
the perfect mix
and then
he drank and drank
all the colors of drinks
blue purple white and
as he was waiting
for my speachless voice
to speak
and it never did
as it had nothing to say
or noone to talk to
it was
red thick silence
every man for himself
every thought and
was since held
was kept secret
inside homes
and walls
taps and sinks as well
in every corner
thoughts were twisting
unknown words
were hanging
from the ceilings
men and women
never spoke
mouths  smoked
and kissed
and opened
then closed
mouths smiled sometimes
and flirted
but never spoke again
menkind silenced
but continued
giving birth
and sleep more than before
and he
he kept showing me
his brains and brawn
the perfect mix
his achievemnets
all the  great courage
he gained
while he was away
as my memory of him
was fading
all memories were fading
emptiness was filling
every empty space